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Managing Director:Dr. Benedict Korischem, Lothar Schwarzlose
Sales 2018:approx. 28 EUR million *
Employees:approx. 197
At INDUS since:2017
Locations:Remscheid (D), Morbach (D), Grand Rapids (US), Taipeh (TWN)

*with external third parties

High-precision NC rotary tables and NC rotary tilt tables for machine tools

Established as a family business in 1819, PEISELER today services both manufacturers of machine tools and end customers in a wide variety of different sectors such as automotive, mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, medical engineering, watches and electrics as well as aircraft and turbine construction. Designed to fix and position workpieces, PEISELER’s NC rotary tables and NC rotary tilt tables enable flexible sequencing of operations on modern machining centres, manufacturing plants and transfer lines while at the same time reducing set-up and completion times. Apart from the initial set-up of machine tools, the company also offers retrofitting and other services as well as spare parts. The PEISELER Group comprises the main operating company in Remscheid as well as a production plant in Morbach and a US distribution subsidiary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The high-precision, technology-intensive positioning of small as well as heavy workpieces at high speeds is the core competency of the company. PEISELER uses variable drive technology as well as specially adjusted designs to manage the forces to which the workpieces, some of them weighing up to 50 tons, are exposed during the fast positioning.

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