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Business model

INDUS – The SME Holding Company 

We buy and develop “hidden champions” among SMEs.  

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INDUS is one of the leading specialists in the field of sustainable investment and development in the German-speaking SME sector. We acquire mostly owner-managed companies operating in the manufacturing sector and assist them in setting a long-term trajectory for their entrepreneurial development.  

We make sure that they are able to preserve a special source of strength: their identity as small or medium-sized enterprises. In the best case scenario, the company’s former owners remain as managing directors of the company during the transition phase. 

With our continual portfolio expansion we enhance the development prospects of the Group and ensure that, over time, the portfolio constitutes an up-to-date cross-section of the relevant industries with promising futures. 

Our portfolio companies therefore operate in various business and technological fields, selling markets and sector-specific business cycles. This results in a high level of diversification in the Group’s portfolio. With their core capabilities the companies as a rule occupy market niches of great interest for their sector, in which they assume a leading position.  

Our portfolio companies develop their business operations independently. 

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Our Group consists of INDUS Holding AG, the holding company based in Bergisch Gladbach, and the individual portfolio companies. Our direct subsidiaries have their registered seats in Germany and Switzerland.  

Our portfolio companies have proven themselves to be “hidden champions” and have shown that they have mastered their business, which is why they are part of the Group. We therefore allow them the greatest possible operational autonomy. With our own know-how, we support them in making good things even better. 

As a holding company, we see ourselves as a strategic sparring partner to our portfolio companies. We therefore adopt a central administrative role when it comes to portfolio management.  

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By maintaining regular communication between the Board of Management and the managers, we ensure that our interests as major shareholders are taken into account. We are well informed of developments at the companies and can, if necessary, provide expert support. 

Our performance pledge: Binding 

We are offering our shareholders profit-oriented investment with prospects of value rises in the long term. 

To our portfolio companies, we are an active sparring partner supporting them in their growth with capital, experience and expertise.  

To our partners we are a reliable constant – fair in business dealings, predictable in collaboration and constructive in alignment. 

Our portfolio companies: On site in more than 30 countries 

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Our recipe for success – buy, hold & develop 

Over the past several decades, INDUS has built up a diversified portfolio by acquiring more than 45 small and medium-sized “hidden champions.” We ensure growth and stable earnings with our sustainable corporate strategy. Our principle of “buy, hold & develop” ensures that we maintain a long-term investment approach. We also take the accelerated pace of change in the current economic environment into account and offer our companies the exact resources they need to successfully grow their businesses even under dynamic conditions. 

Our PARKOUR Strategy

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