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Financial Calendar

Our financial calendar and corporate event dates are available here

DateTitle of the eventLocationMark
20th February 2020Preliminary figures on fy 2019PublicationICS
30th March 2020Annual report 2019PublicationICS
30th March 2020Annual press Conference on fy 2019Event in DüsseldorfICS
31st March 2020Analysts’ conference on fy 2019Event in Frankfurt/MainICS
14th May 2020Interim report Q1 2020PublicationICS
20th May 2020Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2020Event in CologneICS
13th August 2020Interim report Q2/H1 2020PublicationICS
12th November 2020Interim report Q3/9M 2020PublicationICS

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Contact Person

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