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INDUS magazine SUSTA[IN]

„Only with a sustainable and agile business model will our portfolio companies continue to be successful in their markets in the future.“

Dr. Jörn Großmann, Mitglied des Vorstands

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Sustainable action is something we at INDUS have always done. So it was all the more logical to take the step of offering a stage to the exciting projects from the INDUS Group. With the sustainability magazine SUSTA[IN], published for the first time, we are expanding our sustainability communication and providing a direct insight into the sustainability activities of the portfolio companies. We hope you enjoy reading it!

To the magazine SUSTA[IN]

Sustainability: For INDUS, nothing new 

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Sustainable operations create competitive advantages, increase enterprise value and make for a stronger corporate culture. Over the last few years, INDUS has further professionalized its commitment to sustainability on the basis of this conviction. 

For INDUS, sustainable conduct is a matter of treating economic, social and environmental goals as equal in importance. We seek to create lasting value while facilitating good work and treating the environment with care.  

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INDUS action areas

In the 2021 financial year, the sustainability strategy was updated as a separate strategic initiative of the PARKOUR strategy program in order to bring new insights and approaches to the Group and to incorporate new legal and regulatory requirements. The Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) form the basis of the fundamental principles of the company’s strategic focus. INDUS has pooled these into five principles and used them to put together six action areas.

  • Environmental Issues | Protecting the Environment
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    INDUS is working full steam ahead to reduce its carbon footprint. The company is also monitoring its energy and waste intensity, recycling rate and total water withdrawal.

    Target: Reduction in (net) GHG emissions to zero in 2045, 35% reduction in emission intensity by 2025 compared to 2018 base year.*

    *(including emissions of all 48 portfolio companies through financial control approach)

  • Employee Issues | Fair Work
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    INDUS constantly works to maintain its position as an attractive employer.

    For INDUS, protecting the health of its employees has top priority.

    INDUS actively supports training and education for its employees.

    Target for 2040: Less than 3 work accidents per 100 employees per year. No fatal work accidents.

  • Social Issues | Social Justice
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    For INDUS, avoiding disturbances in the surrounding area has top priority. This includes things like noise disturbance. INDUS encourages its employees to put forward suggestions for suitable charitable partnerships in the local area.

    Target for 2040: No legitimate local complaints.

  • Respect for Human Rights | Human Rights
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    INDUS is committed to complying with the principles set out in the INDUS Code of Conduct, which voluntarily goes beyond legal requirements. INDUS expects its employees to behave in a legally and ethically impeccable manner toward fellow humans and the environment.

    Target for 2040: All employees given a copy of the INDUS Code of Conduct.

  • Combating Corruption and Bribery | Honest Business
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    For INDUS, compliance with legal requirements is second nature (see INDUS Code of Conduct). INDUS is continuously refining its compliance management system.

    Target for 2040: No significant fines, no non-monetary penalties, no payments to political parties.

  • Shareholder Support

    INDUS Holding AG is available to the portfolio companies as a strategic sparring partner with various support options such as defining and achieving sustainability targets. Information on the topic of sustainability is regularly discussed at the annual Entrepreneurs’ Conference.


For more information, see “Invest sustainably”.

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