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Investment criteria

Looking for: SMEs with potential 

Growth industries 

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We are looking for economically stable SMEs in the production sector. The business model should be viable and have the potential for further strategic development. Ideally, the companies should operate in what we have defined as our main growth industries. 

The companies that we add to the Group will strengthen our existing segment or strengthen our segment companies at the second level. More information here.

SME potential 

Other acquisition opportunities we pursue include spin-offs from corporations which are viable in the market as independent units managed in accordance with SME principles. 

Who suits in with us: Investment criteria at a glance

  • Sales: 20 – 100 million EUR​
  • Double digit EBIT margin ​
  • Equity rate > 30 %​
  • Cash flow orientation​
  • Low level/ no liabilities to banks​
  • Broadly diversified customer base​
  • Niche position​
  • Own industrial added value​
  • Growth perspectives, also internationally

No turnarounds or start-ups  

According to our business model, we do not intervene in the operations of our portfolio companies. Accordingly, we never invest in turnaround situations or startups. Also Minority interests do not suit us. Furthermore we do not acquire any companies in the arms, luxury food or gambling industries. In addition, we are not planning any acquisitions in connection with the extraction of fossil fuels.

Contact Person: Sabine Schönenborn

Contact Person

Sabine Schönenborn

Mergers & Acquisitions

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