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We build a bridge between the capital market and the SME sector of the German speaking countries.

Since 1995 we have been demonstrating with INDUS how the small and medium-sized enterprise sector and capital market listings can go hand-in-hand. We combine our shareholders’ capital with successful business models designed for the long term. Through active strategic support we provide hidden champions in the SME sector with a platform on which to develop their businesses autonomously.  

We have been successful with INDUS because our companies have been successful in their markets. Our shareholders participate in this success through regular dividends and value appreciation. 

What makes investing in INDUS shares attractive 

Our shareholders and investors… 

…acquire an interest in the German economy’s primary engine of growth: the small and medium-sized enterprise sector. 

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…invest in a business model that is designed for the long term and is therefore predictable. 

…invest in a strategy designed both for healthy earnings and stable value appreciation for the Group as a whole. 

You are investing in… 

…a diversified portfolio, which is better at offsetting cyclical fluctuations than companies operating in a specific sector. 

…internationalization, innovation, and entrepreneurial growth – or, to put it differently, in the main forces driving the small and medium-sized enterprise sector. 

Share performance

Share data

in EUR 20202019 2018 2017 2016
Number of shares24,450,50924,450,50924,450,50924,450,50924,450,509
Market capitalization (in EUR million)784.9949.9953.61,454.81,262.6
Year-end price (XETRA)32.1038.8539.0059.5051.64
Year-high closing price (XETRA)40.4047.4566.0065.1054.15
Year-low closing price (XETRA)21.4031.4537.6550.4836.75
Earnings per share Group-1.102.432.903.373.27
Cash flow per share Group6.356.
Dividend per share Group0.800.801.501.501.35
Dividend yield (in %)
Dividend payout ratio (in %)54.624.648.043.942.7
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INDUS shareholders participate in company profits through regular dividend distributions. The dividend policy provides that at least 50% of profits are to be reinvested in the company and up to 50% distributed.

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Our Shareholder base

INDUS has a very stable shareholder base. Our shareholders bolster our long-term corporate strategy. The German Stock Exchange defines free float as all shares not held by major shareholders (share of share capital of at least 5%). According to this definition, free float amounts to 76.6%. Following registration of the capital increase in the Commercial Register on March 26, 2021, INDUS Holding AG`s total voting rights now amount to 26,895,559 shares.

Key data

Share classNon-par bearer shares
Stock exchangesXETRA, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt (regulated market); Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, München, Stuttgart
Market segmentPrime Standard
IndicesSDAX, DAX International Mid 100, DAXsector Financial Services, Daxsubsector
Diversified Financial Services, Classic All Share, Prime All Share, CDAX
Designated Sponsors Hauck & Aufhäuser, ICF BANK, ODDO BHF
Subscribed CapitalEUR 69,928,453.64
Authorized Capital 2021EUR 34,964,225.52
No. of shares26,895,559