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Our PARKOUR strategy program: We want to increase agility. 

The conditions have become more challenging. Alongside our focus on growth, over the next few years we will therefore also be concentrating on improving the fitness of our portfolio companies. The portfolio companies and the Group as a whole should aim to develop faster and improve themselves even more in terms of operations.  

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Our strategy parkour

Growth industries

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By making two to three first-level acquisitions per year, we are continuously developing our portfolio in a forward-looking manner. We offer our shareholders a managed portfolio of attractive medium-sized companies. We therefore have our eyes set on the following industries of the future, in order to continue to have a long-term sustainable portfolio:

  • Automation and measuring technology and control engineering
  • Construction technology
  • Security technology
  • Medical engineering/life science
  • Technology for infrastructure/logistics
  • Energy and environmental technology

Future fields


To increase the innovation capacity of our portfolio, we also support acquisitions of younger companies at the second level. This applies in particular to innovative companies in the following industries of the future:

  • Industry 4.0 / digitization
  • Innovative structural engineering
  • Public and private safety
  • Medical technology for an ageing society
  • Intelligent logistics/infrastructure
  • GreenTech
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We support our investments in successfully crossing the threshold into the digital industry. In addition to product innovations, we support services, business processes and business models. In doing so, we spark innovation via:  

  • INDUS development bank: We offer financial support of up to 3% of consolidated EBIT for innovation projects in the portfolio companies that develop new technologies and/or new markets.  
  • Innovation tool box: We share our methodological competence in the development of innovation strategies and tapping into future fields with our portfolio companies.  
  • Know-how transfer and networking: To promote innovation, we get Group companies in touch with external partners. 
  • Acquiring innovative companies: We support the acquisition of innovative sub-subsidiaries with younger business models and attractive links to our portfolio companies.  

To promote operational excellence, we assist our portfolio companies in effectively optimizing their value-adding core processes from order generation to order processing.  

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We impart methodological competence and best practice knowledge, offer comprehensive training and further education in the area of lean management, establish network partnerships and accompany the development, planning and implementation of improvement projects in the areas of strategic marketing/sales and production. 

Media: Strategic Initiative: Improving performance

Sustainable business practices generate competitive advantage, increase corporate value and strengthen the corporate culture. We therefore actively support further improvements to the sustainability performance of our portfolio companies. In 2022, we will be establishing our sustainability strategy as the fourth new strategic initiative in our corporate strategy.

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  • Economically sustainable conduct ensures future success.
  • Social fairness is a fundamental SME principle and encourages cooperation.
  • Considering environmental factors prevents subsequent costs and improves process efficiency.
  • Compliance with agreements and rules strengthens trust.

Our sustainability magazine SUSTA[IN] is published once a year. Here we provide a direct insight into the sustainability activities of the portfolio companies.

With our newly founded sustainability development bank we will be providing financial support to the portfolio companies from 2022 onwards for projects that aim to conserve resources and reduce emissions. The innovation development bank will also provide funding for sustainable product innovation in the future field of greentech.

Media: Strategic Initiative: Striving for Sustainability

Our objectives: Growth and value enhancement at the portfolio companies

By maintaining a balanced portfolio structure, we want to grow organically and inorganically through acquisitions at the INDUS Group. 

We are focusing on the following goals to help us reach our 2025 targets: 

  • 55 to 60 portfolio companies with Group sales significantly over EUR 2 billion. 
  • EBIT target margin of 10 % once again reliably achieved. 
  • Growth industries clearly represented in the portfolio. 
  • Innovation established as growth driver in the portfolio companies. 
  • Digitization: Our companies have successfully managed the transition to the “tech generation”. 
  • Market excellence and operational excellence are implemented in the portfolio companies. 
  • Sustainability established as an integral part of corporate management at the portfolio companies.

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