Budde Fördertechnik GmbH
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Budde Fördertechnik GmbH

Managing Director:Jürgen Budde
Sales 2018:approx. 71 EUR million *
Employees:approx. 309
At INDUS since:2013
Locations:Bielefeld (DE), Delmenhorst (DE), Murrhardt (DE), Schmalkalden (DE)

*with external third parties

Specialist in logistics and materials flows

BUDDE is a leading provider of materials handling technology. The company provides materials handling technology to optimize materials flows and operational logistics, offering both standard individual material handling elements and customized system solutions. Its range of products spans from plant technology through to package distribution centers and handling systems for recycling plants. BUDDE specializes particularly in the construction of entire package distribution systems. The company collaborates with its subsidiaries COMSORT, PROVIS and COMPUTEC to combine handling systems with package weighing systems, image recognition systems able to read the package labeling, and control stations that regulate and monitor system operation and document distribution procedures. Constant innovation has led to the firm’s accumulating the expertise of a full-service provider. At the beginning of 2016, BUDDE acquired 100 % of the shares in Computec AG, based in Murrhardt, and thereby expanded its value chain to include a specialist in processing technology that covers a broad spectrum from electronics to programming controlling software for (conveyor) equipment.

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