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M+P INTERNATIONAL Mess-und Rechnertechnik GmbH

Managing Director:Elke Baessler
Sales 2018:approx. 13 EUR million *
Employees:approx. 65
At INDUS since:2017
Locations:Hanover (DE), Farnham (GB), Montesson (FR), Verona/New Jersey (US), Peking (CN)

*with external third parties

Measurement and test systems for vibration control and analysis

m+p Group was established in 1980 under the name of Mahrenholtz + Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft by the then director of the Institute of Mechanics of (today’s) Leibniz University in Hanover and his collaborators. m+p is active in four business segments: vibration control, dynamic signal and noise analysis, process monitoring, development and construction of special testing equipment. The company develops and sells high-performance measurement equipment and software systems for these applications and provides comprehensive engineering services for the operation and maintenance of the delivered equipment. Among its customers are the world’s leading companies of the automotive industry, the electrical and electronics equipment industry, and the aerospace industry as well as a large number of supplier companies, and educational and research institutions. Effective vibration analyses provide important information for design improvements on plants and products. Apart from the above, lightweight construction and comfort are the main drivers of the output market for the products made by m+p. As end customers and consumers attach growing importance to comfort, manufacturers are challenged to conduct increasingly comprehensive vibration tests and analyses when developing new vehicles (cars, aircraft, trains).The same applies to noise emission tests, which can also be carried out using m+p products. Last but not least, the increasing integration of electronics into a large number of technical systems also increases the need for comprehensive vibration testing.

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