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Managing Director:Tobias Hilgert, Dr. Marc Siemer
Sales 2018:approx. 222 EUR million *
Employees:approx. 363
At INDUS since:1992
Locations:Aichhalden (DE), Charlotte (US), Taicang (CN)

*with external third parties

Carbide-tipped wear parts

BETEK is a leading manufacturer of tungsten carbide and produced carbide-tipped wear parts, tool systems and wear protection solutions, e.g. for road milling, mining, foundation drilling, agricultural technology, the mineral extractive industry and recycling. With a constant flow of new product innovations, the company is continually opening up new business areas. Over the past few years, for instance, the company has developed wear-resistant tools for use in agricultural technology (such as chisel plow tips and plow blades) and so-called tung studs used to protect metal surfaces against wear (for excavator shovels, for example). BETEK invests consistently in research and development, safeguarding its newly developed products by means of patents. In 2015, BETEK supplied the local market with a proprietary production facility through the newly established Chinese subsidiary for the first time. In 2015, BETEK’s newly established Chinese subsidiary supplied the Chinese market with locally produced products for the first time.

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