ASS: Micro System comes up big

Success story

ASS: Micro System comes up big

Small, smaller, micro - ASS Maschinenbau is responding to the increasing demand to remain mobile even in confined spaces and in the smallest components, and is developing micro system gripper parts for special automation solutions.

Gripper parts for the niche

For more than 30 years, ASS Maschinenbau has been developing intelligent solutions for a wide variety of tasks in the fields of automation and robotics. Innovation and sustainability have been important topics for ASS for a long time and are permanently anchored in the processes. With the Micro System, ASS has developed such an innovative and resource-saving solution – a gripping system for small installation spaces. Presented for the first time at the K trade fair (trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry) in 2019, the series now comprises 70 gripper parts.

Media: ass-micro-system-vergleich
Size comparison: conventional system with 10 mm clamping diameter vs. 6 mm Micro System.

Millimetre work is required

The clamping diameter of the Micro System measures just 6 millimetres, the size of a pea, and is thus significantly smaller and lighter than the systems previously available on the market. The small gripper parts are used wherever small injection moulding machines, small linear handlings and other miniature machines are used or there is little space available in the mould. The Micro series includes, among other things, a Micro quick-change system, several angle clamps and arms, connecting elements, gripper arms in various designs and a customised selection of Micro vacuum cups.

Award-winning miniature series

As small and light as possible, that’s what the Metropolregion Rheinland e.V. is also excited about In July 2021, ASS received the “RHEINLAND GENIAL” award for its innovative miniature series. The Metropolregion Rheinland awards this innovation prize to companies and organisations that successfully “rethink” products, services or business models in the fields of environment, technology, service and social affairs.

Media: RHEINLAND GENIAL ASS Maschinenbau Jahn_Werdel_Ziewers_Suermann_Weichert
Kirsten Jahn (Managing Director of the Metropolregion Rheinland e.V.), District Director Dr. Erik Werdel and RBW Managing Director Volker Suermann (2nd from right) presented the prize to ASS Managing Director Reinhold Ziewers (centre) and INDUS Holding AG Board Member Rudolf Weichert. © RBW (The picture was taken in accordance with the current Corona Ordinance.)

The Rheinisch-Bergische Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft also reports on the ASS award in a blog post.

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