MBRAUN: Future technology perovskite solar cells

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MBRAUN: Future technology perovskite solar cells

Sustainable innovation is the core of a new era where ecological responsibility and economic progress go hand in hand. Resource shortages and environmental pollution demand sustainable solutions – now more than ever. The INDUS Group is working on innovative developments and technologies that aim to secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Media: Perovskite solar cells
Perovskite solar cells

MBRAUN, a provider of inert gas glovebox systems, has developed an innovative product portfolio which covers special applications for perovskite solar cells and batteries. Both applications have the potential to redefine the way that we use and store energy. Perovskite solar cells and batteries have huge potential in the field of renewable energy. Thanks to its ability to absorb high levels of light, perovskite is able to efficiently generate and store electrical energy. Considerable growth is predicted for the perovskite solar cells market due to the material’s high energy yield and significantly lower manufacturing costs in comparison with silicon solar cells, for instance.

Glovebox systems for the research/production of perovskites

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MRBAUN’s PEROvap vacuum coating chamber is specially designed for the production of perovskite solar cells

MBRAUN recognized the potential of perovskite early on and added two important products for perovskite applications to the portfolio with glove boxes and vacuum coating systems. Both products have been designed to cover a broad spectrum
of requirements – from small laboratory systems to largescale industrial production. The surrounding conditions must be precisely controlled for perovskite research and development – this is provided for by MBRAUN’s glove boxes as cutting-edge containment systems. They also offer a high level of personal protection. MBRAUN’s patented solution for vacuum coating systems is also deployed by research institutes (including the Helmholtz center in Berlin) and industrial partners around the world.

Funding by INDUS

Along with external development partners, the INDUS portfolio companies can count on the holding company’s support for their R&D projects. INDUS supports select projects through the “Driving Innovation” initiative. It provides funding through the innovation development bank, but also support through working groups and network meetings. INDUS thus boosts R&D projects in the Group that promise to open up new opportunities directly – in order to reduce the impact on the environment with the right technology, increase resource efficiency, and develop innovative solutions for tackling ecological challenges.

Further Information: www.mbraun.com/en

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