HAUFF-TECHNIK: Next level of logistics

Success story

HAUFF-TECHNIK: Next level of logistics

HAUFF-TECHNIK doesn't waste any time - not when it comes to investing in the future and certainly not when it comes to its deliveries. The 5,500 square metre logistics centre makes it possible. A milestone in the history of HAUFF-TECHNIK!

Increased efficiency

17 million euros were invested in the new logistics centre.

The new logistics centre of HAUFF-TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG at the company headquarters in Hermaringen is impressive in many respects. After only 18 months of construction, the manufacturer of cable, pipe and line bushings has put into operation a fully automated and expandable logistics centre for small parts and palletised goods with packaging. The fully automated storage system is a major step towards optimising throughput, delivery performance and capacity. Automation plays a decisive role in this. An intelligent storage system based on SAP, which works with algorithms and barcodes, forms the central system. The barcodes enable the exact tracking of all items and thus complete transparency of the material flows. In this way, HAUFF-TECHNIK guarantees short delivery times in the future as well, despite increasing order volumes.

Several hundred articles from all product ranges are available from stock.

Intelligently stored

The new building has been bustling with orderly activity since the beginning of the year. Long conveyor belts transport pallets or containers with raw and finished parts back and forth between the 25-metre-high high-bay warehouse, the attached container warehouse, the order consolidation buffer and the packing stations. All processes are fully automated. The combination of two racking systems offers space for around 5,000 pallets and over 8,000 KLT containers. The order consolidation buffer offers space for almost 600 of the small load carriers. Here, the articles are temporarily stored until all products of the order are available and the corresponding containers automatically travel to the packing station.

Just the beginning

There is no standing still at HAUFF-Technik, so in future a digital tugger train solution will connect production and logistics and transport the goods quickly and efficiently to the right place. Forklifts would then be a thing of the past. The topic of “just-in-time production” is also on the agenda: the customer orders online and the correctly configured machine immediately starts production. Such future plans were already taken into account during the planning stage. One thing is certain: with the new logistics centre, HAUFF-Technik is optimally positioned for the future.

Opening of the new logistics centre: Georg Zink, Mayor Jürgen Mailänder, Managing Director Dr Michael Seibold and authorised signatory Thomas Kölle.

Further Information: www.hauff-technik.de

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