WEIGAND – Entrepreneurial courage pays off

Success story

WEIGAND – Entrepreneurial courage pays off

Seeing the opportunities, weighing up the options and finally trusting that the venture will succeed – this is what distinguishes real entrepreneurs. There are numerous such entrepreneurs in the INDUS Group. Marco Weigand is one of them.

Keeping up with the latest trends 

WEIGAND Bau, which is based in Bad Königshofen, Bavaria, has been part of the INDUS Group since 2002. The company is a general contractor that focuses on planning and constructing telecommunications networks. Its services also include electricity, gas, water and district heating. WEIGAND aims to provide all services from a single source, and so takes responsibility for everything from planning to securing rights of way, construction services, surveying and documentation to maintenance of the pipeline networks and handing over turnkey projects.  

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Recognizing opportunities at the right moment 

WEIGAND is where it is today thanks in large part to Marco Weigand, who acts both as managing director and entrepreneur. He is used to assuming responsibility and has the determination to take the initiative when the situation demands it. In this case, this attitude took the company, which still bears the name of his family, to the next developmental stage.  

As a supplier of planning and construction services, the company was focused on the regional telecommunications market until a few years ago. Then the managing director, Marco Weigand, who has an affinity for all things digital, discovered plans for a broadband expansion in the region of Kassel. 570 districts in five Hessian regions were to be connected to a high-performance fiber optic broadband network.  

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Marco Weigand was convinced that he would be able to take on this new and major task. And so he made his way to INDUS in Bergisch Gladbach to secure the Board of Management’s support for the application.  

Broadband expansion: more to come 

His courage and proactive approach paid off. WEIGAND won the contract, and is now the general contractor in charge of planning and carrying out Europe’s largest broadband expansion project. With these credentials under its belt, it will probably only be a matter of time before WEIGAND sees the next projects start rolling in. After all, the digital network expansion is one of the hottest topics right now. 

Further Information: www.weigandbau.de