MIGUA – Social commitment pays off

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MIGUA – Social commitment pays off

Social commitment is not linked to any expectations of benefit for INDUS Group companies, but rather merely an expression of their corporate culture. It is a result of a sense of responsibility toward society and the environment. This is the attitude at MIGUA, too.

BCG survey: voluntary commitment enhances a company’s success 

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The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) surveyed 300 companies on their social and environmental engagement. Another 200 face-to-face interviews were conducted with representatives from 20 companies. The result was clear: Companies that have social commitments, take environmental issues into account and work with NGOs also perform better economically – depending on the sector, by up to eight percent. The central and most obvious reason is that customers reward committed companies with trust and loyalty.  

MIGUA: commitment has to come from the heart 

Markus Schaub-Manthei, Managing Director of the INDUS portfolio company can confirm the positive reciprocal effects from his day-to-day experiences in his company. But he also has this warning: A company’s commitment will not support its success if that is its sole objective, just the opposite in fact. And even then, it shouldn’t be about measurable correlations. “At MIGUA, social commitment reaches back to the founder of the company, and this was carried on by the following generations,” explains the Managing Director of the joint systems specialist. 

A written CSR concept 

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Delivering results: MIGUA has a written CSR concept that the company tops up with a set annual budget. This focuses specifically on areas that the company is associated with, such as local institutions like the children’s hospice in Wuppertal that MIGUA has supported since 2015.  

Impacting operating activities: To compensate for its aluminum and energy-intensive production processes, MIGUA has committed itself to supporting “Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald,” an association dedicated to protecting Germany’s forests. Internationally, MIGUA, a globally active SME, is involved with the OXFAM “Unternehmer für Unternehmer” network, a program connecting entrepreneurs. 

“Of course, we can see that our commitment has a positive impact on society. That is why we want to show this success off publicly.” It is more important to Schaub-Manthei, however, that individual employees show a commitment to something that is not in their employee profiles or contracts and has nothing to do with money, purely out of conviction. That’s what Dr. Kapil Singh, a Sales Manager based in Delhi, India, did. In 2011, he established the “Support Foundation” with his wife to support children with mental and physical impairments and their families.  

Further Information: www.migua.de

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