BUDDE: Reliable logistics solutions for innovative conveyor technology

Success story

BUDDE: Reliable logistics solutions for innovative conveyor technology

DPD's largest parcel sorting centre to date impresses with 1,000 tonnes of steel, 200,000 parcels per day and 17,000 m² of building space. BUDDE made its contribution to the impressive project with its innovative conveyor technology.

What do elephants have to do with the new DPD package sorting equipment?

The largest German warehouse to date of DPD, the international parcel and express service provider, has a floor space of over 17,000 square meters. Operations began at the start of September 2019 in the Westphalian district of Hamm. The total length of the turnkey conveyor technology integrated into the warehouse is 7.5 kilometers. It was installed by BUDDE as a customized system solution. The conveyor system is supported by around 1,000 tons of steel, which – and this is where our analogy comes into it – is approximately equivalent to the weight of 200 fully-grown elephants. “With an order volume of EUR 25 million, this was also a heavyweight in our company’s order history,” adds Managing Director Jürgen Budde.

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Fully automated peak performance

The construction and assembly took two years before the system was operational. The preparations, which took months, took place at an alternative site in nearby Steinhagen. 400 trailer trucks transported the individual parts to Hamm, where they were assembled on site. Now the system can process up to 30,000 parcels per hour – fully automatically – thanks to cutting-edge control and scanning technology. Following the final expansion, up to 200,000 a day will be sorted and conveyed through the system using low-consumption, quiet motors and drives. “We are very proud of our new parcel sorting center in Hamm. It is an important step in helping us to deal with future growth in volumes,” said DPD CEO Boris Winkelmann at the opening. “The new location sets performance benchmarks for our German network.”

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Good prospects

With INDUS Holding AG as its parent company, the family-run company BUDDE, which, in addition to its registered office in Bielefeld, has offices in Delmenhorst and Schmalkalden, was able to tackle this and other challenges, and already has a total of five parcel service providers on the books. BUDDE is also constructing a similar-sized system in Augsburg for approximately EUR 25 million. “These large orders reflect our customers’ confidence in BUDDE’s experience, expertise, and performance as a full service provider of cutting-edge conveyor systems and operating logistics,” explains Jürgen Budde. And he adds: “This is something that our approximately 300 employees in particular have every right to be proud of.”