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Visions & Values

Our Vision: Partner and premier address for SMEs 

We want to be the partner for small and medium-sized enterprises in German-speaking countries – the first contact for companies looking to sell and the premier address for shareholders wishing to invest their capital in the German SME sector.  

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INDUS ASM Opener 2021
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Our Values: Binding 

The name INDUS has been synonymous with SME values and principles for three decades. 

Entrepreneurship, courage and creativity 

We never stand still. We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and to further realize the untapped potential our markets hold. We work to capitalize on opportunities where we find them. 

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Long-range thinking and stability 

We are guided in our actions by long-term goals. What interests us is not success per se but success that is lasting. In our business operations we are careful to maintain an economically stable foundation. 

Dependability and fairness 

The decisions we make are carefully thought out. This enables us to stand by our word. Both our partners within the Group and those we deal with elsewhere know that we are as good as our word. 

Short channels 

We believe in short channels of information and uncomplicated processes. In a competitive environment, it is important to be able to react quickly in our day-to-day business operations and avoid losing time. For this reason we are constantly scrutinizing our structures for deadwood and streamlining our processes.

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Our performance pledge: Holistic


Shareholders can invest in a highly diversified managed corporate portfolio in the SME sector of the German speaking countries – with a reliable dividend from a stable bottom line. 

Selling entrepreneurs

We take on the life’s work of the previous owners and help it grow. 

Portfolio companies

Companies in our Group enjoy a secure environment for continuous development in rapidly changing markets. 

Customers, employees, the community and the environment

We are responsible members of society.