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S.M.A. Metalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Managing Director:Klaus Heil
Sales 2018:approx. 66 EUR million *
Employees:approx. 933
At INDUS since:2000
Locations:Backnang (DE), East London (ZA), Halle (DE), Oradea (RU), Shenyang (CN)

*with external third parties

Products for automotive air-conditioning and servo technology

S.M.A. designs and manufactures air-conditioning, heating, cooling, servo-cooling, and lubricant return ducts for motor vehicles. The firm specializes in precision three-dimensional shaping of conduits and sealing joints of a range of metallic and elastomeric components, applying in a largely automated process depending on the size of the production run. Sophisticated helium testing technology ensures a tight seal. As a pioneer in the development of ducts for CO2 technology, S.M.A. is already very well positioned to deal with the anticipated changes affecting cooling fluids for motor vehicle air-conditioning systems. The company’s main customers are German premium manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW. Having a large production site in South Africa, S.M.A. is the only manufacturer supplying the local market, while the firm also exports to the US under the NAFTA agreement. For some time now, S.M.A. has also been manufacturing small quantities of products for customers from other industries.

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