Efficient and sustainable energy - developing today what moves tomorrow


Efficient and sustainable energy – developing today what moves tomorrow

Available energy sources are essential for humanity and the life we know. But if fossil resources are dwindling, we need alternatives. The question of what these look like and how efficient and clean energy generation can be ensured has fascinated me since my studies in materials science. Here I worked on the fuel cell and did my doctorate on the subject of “high temperature fuel cells”. I am therefore particularly pleased that I am now able to further develop the topic of “efficient and sustainable energy generation” in my work at INDUS.

With its portfolio companies, the INDUS Group is represented in almost all key sectors of the German economy and is committed to innovative ideas: As part of our PARKOUR strategy program and its predecessors, we have identified future fields in which we can grow in a targeted manner and contribute to overcoming technological challenges. One of these fields is “GreenTech”. This area deals with the development and use of technological sustainability concepts.

A good example of this can be found at GSR Ventiltechnik GmbH & Co. KG from Vlotho. The valve technology specialist has addressed the question of what the increased use of hydrogen as a low-emission fuel means for the valves of a refuelling system. In order to refuel fuel cell vehicles with hydrogen quickly, safely and in relevant sizes, solenoid-controlled valves are needed that can withstand extremely high pressures of more than 1050 bar and temperatures as low as -50 °C. GSR has succeeded in developing components especially for hydrogen applications that meet exactly these requirements. In an international cooperation, hydrogen valves have already been installed in a valve block for hydrogen filling stations and are currently being tested in practical trials. This courage to innovate has already been recognized, which means that GSR is one of the top innovators among German SMEs.

As holding company INDUS has financially promoted and supported the individual research and development activities of GSR in the field of GreenTech. In the future, too, we hope that our portfolio companies, like GSR, will use their innovation potential to grow in future-oriented fields. Together we can achieve a lot.

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Yours Dr. Jörn Großmann

Author: Dr. Jörn Großmann

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Dr. Jörn Großmann

Member of the Board

Dr. Jörn Großmann studied materials science and obtained his doctorate as Dr. rer. nat, MBA. He has been a member of the Board of Management of INDUS Holding AG since January 2019 and is responsible for the division Technology & Innovation.