From the preparation of an Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in times of Corona


From the preparation of an Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in times of Corona

On 13 August 2020, this year’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting will finally take place. We struggled with ourselves for a long time to carry out the event virtually, but in the end there was no choice. Now we are in the middle of the preparations with the whole team.

There are many things to consider for the virtual event. Our aim this year once again is to provide all shareholders with interesting and varied information about our INDUS Group as far as possible.
Let yourself be surprised.

Speech by Dr. Schmidt, Chairman of the Executive Board

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In order to enable all shareholders to respond to current information when they have questions, we will publish my speech on August 6, 2020. Just for the sake of good order – the speech is subject to changes on the day of the virtual Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

And then on the day of the event, our Chairman of the Supervisory Board, as chairman of the meeting, with his deputy, the notary, the company’s proxy and the entire Executive Board will sit in a black television studio in Cologne and look in cameras. None of us are trained TV people. So bear with us if everything does not always look the way you are used to from the professionals on television.

Now we all hope that next year we will be able to hold a presence event again. Nevertheless, I hope that you will also participate in large numbers at the virtual Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. Then the hard work and commitment of my whole team would have been worth it.

Best regards,

Yours Dr. Johannes Schmidt

Author: Dr.-Ing. Johannes Schmidt

About the author

Dr.-Ing. Johannes Schmidt

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Johannes Schmidt studied applied mathematics and obtained his doctorate for Dr.-Ing. in the department of mechanics. He has been a member of the Board of Management of Indus since 2006 and has taken over the chairmanship of the Executive Board by July 1, 2018.